BNF and EBNF Part 2


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A video based on Backus–Naur Form (BNF) and Extended Backus–Naur Form (EBNF) .BNF is a main notation for context free grammars it is often used to describe syntax of computer programming languages.

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An Intelligent Curative Care Monitoring Analyzer And Health Supportive System” is a system designed to provide easy manipulation of medical data to doctors which will ultimately benefit the patients. In Sri Lanka, government hospitals provide vast number of medical facilities to patients free of charge. A main aim of this project is to build curative software applications to doctors and patients for immediate diagnosis of diseases which was done manually. Therefore the system will be used to find out diseases and generate reports on about the patient’s status which will be important in future case studies and thereby reports can be used in predicting about endemic diseases in the near future. The proposed analyzer will provide doctor discussion play major role in hospital. This system facilitates doctors in different hospitals to exchange their medical terms through a live video chatting module. Also doctors can share medical data, medical reports and several options in user friendly manner. This system provides the facility to record the registration data of patients and all other administrative task that has been done in OPDs.


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An Interlligent Curative Care Monitoring Analyzer


The description of the research include e-consulting following fields.

  • Login System
  • Appointment Handling and Approving Request
  • Tele-Reporting System
  • Video Conferencing
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